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Adoption Policies

You must be willing to donate at least 20 hours of volunteer time to Raven’s Haven, and be prepared to wait for your bird if approved.
Ska our African GrayWe do a home check to make sure the home is suitable, clean and bird safe.
We will not adopt out a bird to homes that use Teflon or non stick cookware.
Please be aware that smoking around a bird can kill or reduce their life span, so we do not adopt out to people that smoke in their homes.
For the first 2 years you will act as a foster home with occasional visits from trained volunteers of Raven’s Haven, at the end of the 2 years, the adoption will become final if all has worked out for both parties.  Due to the home checks and training, please be aware that we can adopt out only to our local area.
We will not adopt out to breeders
The birds will never be resold, if there is a problem the bird/birds will be returned to Raven’s Haven (for the life of the bird).  If you ever sell, give away or breed one of our birds, there is a $5000 fine.  Please note that the contract states that in large bold letters.
Please realize that these are not free birds, you will need to buy a cage suitable for the size bird you are getting, you’ll need to be able to afford toys and vet care. The closest avian vet is in Columbus, Ohio.
Please educate yourselves prior to contacting us to ask to adopt.  Receiving calls that ask to adopt one of those big birds that talks is not what I call educating yourself. So many people buy or get a bird that they have not done their research on and that is why the rescues are so full.  Within weeks or months the humans are ready to get "rid" of the offending noise and mess.
They are used to having fresh fruits and veggies every day, their environments are kept very clean and they have different playgrounds throughout the house.
Since these birds will never be able to be in the environment that was originally intended for them, it is our goal to give them the best possible life that we can in captivity, with lots of love, good healthy foods and lots of mental and emotional stimulation. If you think you fit these qualifications please contact us.